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* Guest BOOK

At every guest or visitor we ask to write himself on our guest book, after that you have written your name you become a member of a Mailing-List that is improved continually.
Who's registered can receive any type of informations on the Bar Code, on the products and devices, on the ACSE's activities, the last news; it will be sent news of the new Bar Code that are upgrade in our Web Site and in our Bar Code Manual.
This Manual is at disposal for the persons that want to order it. Who does not want to register himself he can send an E-Mail at which we shall reply immediately, this to submit some question of the Bar Code application.

The Bar-Code's Manual

The Bar Code need to know very well the peculiarities before to discuss solutions or problems for the bar-code's applications, it's for this on this web site you find a summery of the bar Code manual, here you find the bar-codes more known and who is interested can consutant this site and for particular problems send an E-mail to acse@acse.com.

* Come to work with us

We need of persons and resellers that are interested on the problems of the Bar Code.

* Our Products

Exist a complete line of bar code products : the readers, the decoders, the hand held terminals, the thermal and transfert printers, the radiofrequency devices, the Industrial scanners, the software and the applications to get the Bar Code, there's for any device the technical specifications. Inside our site the news and the last solutions find a wide space in a dedicated page.

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